Cloudy Eggs with avocado

September 3, 2017


I first came across these little puffs of joy during a visit to New York in 2011. I stumbled upon a cute little cafe in the heart of Brooklyn and they caught my eye at once. Here I've tried to recreate them using my own style.


I use grated Parmesan cheese and spring onions with the egg whites but feel free to experiment with other ingredients. Enjoy.





Serves 1



2 eggs (white and yolks separated)

1 spring onion (thinly sliced)

20g Parmesan cheese (finely grated)

A pinch of your favourite herb (I've used basil)

Salt and Pepper 

Half an avocado




Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Carefully separate the egg white and yolks. Whisk the egg whites until they start to thicken and form peaks.


Now carefully fold in the grated Parmesan, spring onion and herbs. Scoop the mixture to form two cloud on a greased baking tray and made a yolk-shaped well in the middle of each cloud. Place into a hot oven for 6 minutes, or until the clouds start to go brown.


Remove the clouds and carefully pour the raw egg yolk into the each well. Return to the over for 3 more minutes or until the egg yolks are cooked to your liking.


Serve immediately with half an avocado and an optional hunk of hot buttered toast. 




fold in a slice of roughly chopped ham to the egg whites along with the cheese and onion.











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