Review: The Bristol Loaf

October 10, 2017


Redfield is my old stomping ground and I come here now and again to shop, have a hair cut or stroll around the gorgeous St George's park.


Every time I come back there seems to be more cool places popping up. The latest newby is The Bristol Loaf; a rustic bakery making and selling homemade sourdough bread, cakes, pastries and coffee.


So what were the nice bits, the nit picks and my verdict? Read on...




The decor has a stylish, rustic feel. There are hanging spider plants and pendant lights in the window, concrete floor and the smell of bread and coffee as you enter. You can choose to sit at a selection of tables or at the bar looking out onto Church Road, which. is lovely for watching the world go by.


The staff were all lovely and welcoming. They are clearly passionate about their produce because you can buy their sourdough starter for £3.10 and give it a go yourself at home. This I must try. The open kitchen gives this bakery an industrial, authentic feel, and it was fascinating to know that just around that corner is where all the baking magic happens. 


I was delighted to find a vegan plum and almond cake, which I couldn't resist washed down with a black Americano... my kind of heaven!




Although I didn't actually try one, the toasties did look great. However, I was disappointed there was no vegan option. This really isn't hard to do - how about a lovely tomato, avocado and olive tapenade - I'm sure this would go down a storm with our plant-eating friends. 


The sausage rolls also looked great too but again, no veggie options. It seems they did used to sell these because someone came in specifically to buy one but was disappointed to find there were none on sale. Bristol Loaf - if you're reading this - please sell some veggie sausage rolls again! I promise you they will sell out.

The open plan bakery at the back gave it a nice touch... in theory. However, in reality it made the place rather noisy. The staff sounded like they all got on well with each other., which is great But, as a customer, I felt like I knew a bit too much about the goings on backstage. 


There was a lack of tables in the cafe bit. I guess this is because it is primarily a bakery so perhaps more of a transient place eat and drink but a few more tables for people wanting to enjoy their coffee and cake on site would be nice.. 




Will I be a returning customer? Sure. I will give it another go. They are new and I'm all for supporting local businesses. What was lost in ambience was replenished in coffee and cake. Plus I need to try their sourdough toasties next time! See you soon Bristol Loaf.



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