Smoothie Bowl

October 11, 2017


Is it just me or are you still eating cold smoothie bowls for breakfast even though we're now in October? Obviously when it gets really cold I will of course switch to porridge because it tastes just as good. But for the time being I must submit to my morning cravings.


I've tried so many smoothie combinations over the years and I just can't get enough of this one. The avocado gives it that lovely thick and creamy consistency, and I always use frozen berries because they are so fresh and they makes it even more thick and creamy like a milkshake that I just love.


I've used ingredients that can be easily switched depending on what you have in the fridge. If you prefer cows milk over almond milk then that's fine. If you have whey protein instead of hemp then go for it. Same for the nuts and the berries. Just makes sure you use then same quantities for that balance of flavour and texture.


On those days where there are not enough hours in the day, (or minutes in the morning) it's really easy to wiz this up and transfer it into a portable container to eat/drink on the go. I love eating it with a spoon when I get to work. How will you eat yours?





Half an avocado

30g (1 scoop) of hemp 

200ml almond milk 

60g of blueberries

60g of raspberries

50g coconut yoghurt 

15g toasted almonds, flaked or chopped



5g toasted almonds, flaked or chopped

1 tsp of chia seeds

Half a banana




This recipe is not rocket science. Simply wiz all the ingredients together in a blender for the smoothie, and add the toppings afterwards.


* Word of warning - if you are adding chia seeds you need to eat it straight away or else they will swell and the smoothie will solidify. Either leave them out completely or add them when you are ready to eat.


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