Review: Hobbs House Bakery, Bristol

November 3, 2017


Located on the popular Gloucester Road in Bristol, famous for it's independent shops and cafes, sits recently opened Hobbs House Bakery. This is not the first of this particular bakers to open in Bristol for there is another one in Southville on North Street. There are in fact more dotted around the South West in Chipping Sodbury, Malmesbury, Nailsworth and Tetbury.


Hobbs House Bakery sells an array of bread, cakes, pastries and coffee from local roasters, Extract. They also serve sourdough toasties and sourdough waffles, which I'm yet to try! What I wasn't expecting were these beautiful Tuscan Baked Eggs - I'll come to that bit next. 


So what were the nice bits, the nit picks and my verdict?



The bakery is lovely, just enough seating and little garden out the back. The staff were friendly and welcoming. You can help yourself to the artisan bread on display in the window, cakes and pastries are on display while other dishes are made to order.


I ordered the Tuscan Baked Eggs on a chilly afternoon and this warmed me right up. As you can see from the photo above, my lunch looked absolutely amazing. The Tuscan sauce was rich and tangy with all those Italian flavours going on, and little black olives, which were a joyful surprise. It came beautifully presented in a scotching hot cast-iron skillet (nice touch), which the eggs and sauce were cooked in. The sourdough toast, which was subltly arrange in a heart shape, was perfect for dipping, scooping and mopping up. As we say in Bristol, lush.


I ordered a cup of oat milk Americano for afters. I have to say, when I took a sip I thought to myself, "wow". In fact, I may have said it out loud. But who cares. It was a truly beautiful blend of coffee. And I'm not just saying that. I was hoping to round it off with a slice of cake but I was too full. Oh well, I'll just have to come back!




I'm really not sure I have any. No, can't think of one.




Great little bakery. And so much more food to come back for and try. For starters, their sourdough waffles sound incredible. See you soon Hobbs House Bakery!

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