Eggs Florentine

February 16, 2018


Whenever I cook eggs and the sun is streaming in, I always get the song,  "How do you like your eggs in the morning...?" in my head. You know the one? Well I've always been a big fan of the poached variety. So simple and they just speak for themselves.

There are many ways to poach an egg. I find this way works for me every time but if you have a better way then be my guest. I'll admit I've never been a fan of hollandaise. It interferes with the delicacy of the yolk. SO this is why I've left it out. 


I feel Breakfast (or brunch) is the one meal of the day where greens can get overlooked. My usual option is spinach because it is so quick and easy to wilt. And pine nuts go so well with spinach. Chives are a lovely accompaniment to eggs but you could always use spring onion if you don't have any. All in all, the flavours and textures in this breakfast will leave you wanting seconds.


My advice is prepare everything beforehand because this is a very quick breakfast, literally minutes, so you want everything to be cooked just right and ready at the same time. Cold eggs are no fun. So get everything ready so all you have to do is cook!



Serves 1



2 large free-range eggs (preferably Organic)

1 tsp of white vinegar

A handful of spinach

A knob of butter or coconut oil
Pinch of nutmeg

5 fresh chives or half a tsp of dried

5g of toasted pine nuts

Sea Salt 

Black pepper

2 small or 1 large slice of bread (or use muffins or crumpets or a roll)



First of all, prepare your spinach and chives and wash if necessary. Also get your bread ready in the toaster to plunge down when ready. Use a small frying pan with your butter already in there ready to heat up whilst you are cooking your eggs. Also boil the kettle if you're having a cuppa with it.


Take a small frying pan and fill it up half way with boiling water. Add a tsp of the white vinegar and bring to the boil. Once boiling, take the pan off the heat and carefully crack your eggs in one at a time and far apart enough that they don't touch.

Return the pan to the heat immediately and turn it down to medium. You want to keep the eggs cooking very steadily and not furiously. It should take around 3 minutes to cook so use a timer, but always keep an eye on them and check whether they are cooked to your liking. There's nothing worse than an underdone egg!

Whilst your eggs are cooking away, put your bread in the toaster. Then take the other pan with the butter/coconut oil in it and turn the heat to medium/high. Once melted, add your spinach and saute until completely wilted. This should take around 2 minutes. Take off the heat and season with salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Set aside ready for assembling.


Take your toast and add a layer of spinach to each slice. No need to use butter if you've used it to wilt the spinach as it will seep through to the bread. Then use a slotted spatular to carefully remove the eggs, shaking off the excess water as you place them on top of the spinach.

Finally, top with chives, salt, pepper and pine nuts.



For a plant based variation, make Tofu Scrambled 'Eggs' instead of poached eggs.

There is of course Egg Benedict, which comes with bacon

... or Eggs Royale with smoked salmon (don't forget to add a squeeze of lemon and some black pepper!)

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